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Private Auction: 15 Authentic Tribal Masks

Private Auction:

Authentic Tribal Masks

( images of lots in sale below this email)

Dear Collector

This is an invitation to visit the AUTHENTIC TRIBAL MASKS auction

African masks have become part of life in the west just as they have in Africa. Originally they served as the literal face of justice, or representations of ceremonial beings, deities, or departed ancestors. They were used for education, for entertainment, and to tell the many-splendoured story of African history. their diverse function is reflected in their extraordinarily varied appearance, as well as the contexts in which they were used.

In the west, African masks first became part of the avant garde's artistic resources, then gradually entered the western consciousness to such an extent that they are among the most valued African art items; a rare Luba mask recently sold at auction for 7.2 million euros.

Africa is an extremely prolific centre for innovative and traditional works, that can suit any budget. Decorative masks exist at the lower end of the market, while connoisseurial attention is naturally focused on what are considered to be ‘genuine' pieces – those that were designed, made and used for their original role, typically before extensive western influence put an end to traditional religions and ceremonial practice. It can be difficult to identify these rare gems, and also to fully understand the pomp, ceremony and social context in which they were used. To this end, David Norden African Antiques has spent 30 years sourcing, describing and contextualising African masks, and integrating them into new collections with specialist advice and information.

The bidding platform can be found HERE, where you can manage your bids, orders and personal information. A proxy bidding system is in place – enter your maximum bid, and the system will bid only as much of it as is necessary to win the lot. Commission rates are low – 12% – and postage is also managed in house to ensure reasonable costs: free to Belgium, 40 Euros to the rest of Europe, 80 Euros to the USA and 100 Euros to the rest of the world.

The auction starts Friday the 10th September at 11am, and end on the evening of Sunday the 12th at 8pm (Belgian time),  but I will keep adding tribal masks on the bidding platform until Sunday the 12th..

Happy Bidding!

Mask from Nepal, From the  Helmut Zake collection

Nepal mask

To the Nepal mask
A Nepalese mask Coming from Théaru in Nepal

Nepalese mask

To the Nepalese Mask
Tamang Himalaya Mask        27cm

To the mask
Big Shamanic Mask  that could have inspired Georg Baselitz

To the Shamanic Mask
A Salampasu mask

to the Salampasu mask

A Ntomo Dyo Mask

Ntomo mask

To the Ntomo Dyo Mask
A fine Chokwe mask  Pierre Dartevelle collection

Chokwe mask

To the Chokwe mask
A Mexican Beard mask

Mexican mask

To the Mexican mask

 A We Gere Wobe Mask – Liberia

To the We mask
A Classical Bassa Mask

To the Classical Bassa Mask
An uncommon Bassa mask
To the uncommon Bassa mask
A miniature Bassa passport maska-miniature-bassa-passport-mask
To the passport mask
To the Ikhokho
Ikhokho 2

To the Ikhokho
 Male Okhokho 3

Bone Ikhokho
To the Ikhokho


David Norden

Sint Katelijnevest 27

B2000 Antwerpen.


+32 3 227.35.40


Dear friend,

I have setup an auction platform for private use and you are privileged to be able to take part in it.

From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.

The Only Authentic Masks Auction costs will only be 12 % and all expeditions handled in house for your convenience at a reasonable cost.

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