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A Nepalese mask


A striking Nepalese mask with open mouth, early XXth. C.

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Lowland Tharu mask

Coming from Théaru in Nepal, this expressive mask with open mouth is striking.

H= 27 cm, 35 cm on the custom made metal stand.

Wood, animal skin ( very hard, not bending ) , horse hair, nails. Light honey patina.

Some accidents on the back upper part of the mask ( see images )

It is coming from a private collection in Brussels.

Estimated age : End of 19th – beginning of 20th C.


The Tharu people have, since ancient times, been settled in the hills and lowlands of the Terai of Southern Nepal.

Fear of disease, in particular malaria, against which the Tharu developed a degree of resistance, kept this area relatively isolated and protected from outside invaders.

This mask, the specific origin of which is unknown has been used in village dances or dramas on days of celebration.


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