A Ntomo Dyo Mask

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An expressive N’tomo Dyo Mask on a metal stand.

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N’Tomo Ancestor Mask

The N’tomo masks are used by the Bambara people of West Africa.

Provenance: private dutch collection.
Ca. mid-20th Cent. or earlier.
Height: 55 cm – 64 cm on the custom made metal base.
Estimate price= €2,400- €3,200
Start Price: €700
Limit price: €1,400
Wood, cowries shells, red seeds, resin remains, horse hair. A fine, old and classic hardwood N’tomo ancestor mask with a classic, realistic open mouth expression and remains of offerings.

There are six male initiation societies that young males must pass through before becoming a man. N’tomo Dyo is the first of these through which boys pass before their circumcision.

Read more about the N’tomo mask on Imo Dara site.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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