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EXCLUSIVE Offers from David Norden. Oops- made a MISTAKE..SLIDESHOW… : African Art Exclusive Auction March 2017 Dear $email, I made a mistake while uploading the slideshow, the real time is not 2 hours and 16 minutes, but 3 hours ans 16 sec.. the rest is a black screen! Don’t be fooled this isn’t a Hollywood production, but quality African Art. The auction closes tomorrow night, so this is probably my last call. Enjoy the video and the actual prices I noted below, and push a last bid if you want some exclusive African Art from David Norden’s collection delivered on your doorstep . An Ebony Knife – MANGBETU – D.R. Congo Exclusive tribal art Actual price : 319 € https://auction.catawiki.com/kavels/10919377-an-ebony-knife-mangbetu-d-r-congo Click Here to Continue Reading …

Flip Catalog-Special Collections

 Dear friend, Click the image below and enjoy the Flip Catalog . The Auction ends on Friday. The catalog links are clickable if you allow the pop-ups in your browser : http://online.pubhtml5.com/gems/bqpz/ Happy Bidding,David Norden +32 3 227.35.40 P.S. : Read our Previous Newsletter: The Private Collections Hunt Newsletter https://buyafricanantiques.com/the-private-collections-hunt-newsletter/

The Private Collections Hunt Newsletter

Special African art Collections

The Private Collections Hunt Newsletter Dear friends, This month we have news of an interesting auction, the hunt for a Djenne head, a video of a very special Kwele mask, and much else besides! David —————–AUCTION——————– Coming onto the market: a private Belgian collection. This month I bring you news of a notable Belgian collector, who has been collecting for over 50 years both in Belgium and further afield. Most of his pieces come from small colonial collectors, and some even come from the renowned Lepage collection. He has supplied numerous dealers and museums – a full listing of the 70+ pieces thus provided is available on the Guy van Rijn Yale database. He has decided to request my assistance Click Here to Continue Reading …

HAPPY 2017- a long newsletter ..

HAPPY 2017- a long newsletter .. Dear $email, Some of my offerings for January’s exclusive auction QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “Si c’est de l’Art, ça n’est pas pour tout le monde et si c’est pour tout le monde, alors ce n’est pas de l’Art”.  Arnold Schoenberg J’ai reçu beaucoup de commentaires sur FB ———–   Magnificent pictures of dance masks taken in the 1940’s-70’s    ———– Kple Kple and Kpan Pre mask dancers during a Goli performance, Kondeyaokro village, Ivory Coast American photographer Eliot Elisofon (1911-1973) spent decades travelling around Africa. A pioneer in color photography – he worked as a color consultant on Hollywood movies (African Queen,  Bell, Book and Candle, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Moulin Rouge) – Elisofon changed Western perceptions of ‘the Dark Continent’ Click Here to Continue Reading …

Unboxing Webster Book of Treasures

Dear $email, Just unpacking W.D. Webster Illustrated Catalogue of Ethnographical Specimens 18 – 31 Edited by Julien .G.B. Leen . “W.D. Webster Illustrated Catalogue of Ethnographical Specimens 18 – 31” by W. D. Webster https://goo.gl/it0TVp USE Coupon code 83JPCV78 William Downing Webster (1868 – 1913) was a British ethnographic dealer and collector. In 1895 he began to issue illustrated ethnographic catalogues, 17 with illustrations, 14 with photographs. The 14 catalogues with photographs have been colour corrected, cleaned and bundled in this publication. This edition includes indexes for object type and region that can be cross-referenced to find specific items. This makes it an invaluable resource for academics, researchers and collectors Webster was born in 1868 in Greenwich to Robert and Click Here to Continue Reading …

2 masks

Dear $email, For this exclusive auction I have just 2 masks on offer with a custom made stands ( the auction ends tomorrow 8 pm Belgium time) . The Miniature Mask Bassa, Geh, Liberia (click for full description)  provenance is Ex US Museum de-accessioned, the Pende Mbangu Sickness mask(click for full description) is to be dated early to mid-XXth. – Good condition. Collection Dr. Peter Westerdijk. Expect also to receive soon a video with me unpacking a very interesting book, Happy bidding, David Norden +32 3 227.35.40 P.S.: I am looking for a client for fine quality South African neckrests and also fine Baule figures with good age.    

2016 African Art

MORNING SURPRISE Dear friends, My 2016 African Art Internet promotions are working! I was already happy with 400€, and after sending a 24-hour reminder out to my mailing list yesterday evening I had a nice surprise this morning when I saw that it had climbed to 1699€. Who knows it might get even higher before the auction ends tonight! https://auction.catawiki.com/kavels/8833781-lwena-spoon-tchokwe-lwena-angola David “Surprise” Norden St Katelijnevest 27 B2000 Antwerpen Belgium +32 (0)3 227.35.40. david.norden@telenet.be Bewaren

The best movie about African Art

The Best Movie About African Art is still today “Les Statues Meurent Aussi” Dear friends, If you haven’t seen it yet the movie “Les Statues Meurent Aussi” from 1953 was directed by Alain Resnais & Chris Marker, banned in France for fifteen years. Here is how it begins, the words spoken over darkness: “When men die, they enter history. When statues die, they enter art. This botany of death is what we call culture.” And then, as if to prove his point, the film’s image lights up to show us the ruins of a few outdoor sculptures, speckled with sunlight and wizened by age and corrosion—strange botanical specimens. What follows, over a striking montage of indoor specimens and some of Click Here to Continue Reading …

worth your attention

Lots offered by David Norden Buy African Antiques. Auction Ending 30 October . Offered price noted on 28-10-2016 at 11:37 a.m. For exact prices click the links Horned helmet with two figures ( one male and one female ) and buffalo horns – SENUFO – Ivory Coast €590 2d 8h 25m 28s Idimu mythic ancestor mask -LEGA – D.R. Congo €410 2d 8h 51m 28s Figure – BEMBE – Democratic Republic of Congo €740 2d 8h 52m 33s Mask – BAMANA Hyena – MALI €880 2d 8h 56m 53s Terracotta Sculpture of a Male Nude Man -IDOMA– Nigeria. €200 2d 9h 08m 48s Lwena figure – TCHOKWE LWENA – Angola €630 2d 9h 19m 38s Helmet Mask – CHAMBA – Click Here to Continue Reading …

You are invited to the Art Fair

Art Fair Mechelen

You are invited.   Dear friend, If you happen to be in Belgium, come Greet and Meet me next Sunday in Mechelen, between Brussels and Antwerp. https://www.facebook.com/events/1083538238396855/permalink/1117381675012511/  This is a show I am participating in, along with 15 other art dealers of diverse yet related specialities. Sunday OCT 9, 2016  Art Fair Mechelen Onder den Toren 12, 2800 Mechelen, België  ——————– Announcing an auction with a special section of “Arte Tribal” at Duran Arte Y Subastas in Madrid at the end of October. More news will follow shortly. Avance subasta de octubre. Sección especial de arte tribal C/ Goya 19, 1ª planta 28001 – Madrid ESPAÑA +34 91 577 60 91 duran@duran-subastas.com   David “Arte” Norden +32 3 227.35.40

Bini mask

Beautiful rare and old Bini mask Nigeria (Edo State) Wood, paint, pigment, encrusted patina 5 ( see the image gallery down this page ) Size : 27cm x 14cm Weight 320 grams Probable age: End XIXth – Early 20th Century Provenance: Dr. Gordon K. Mackenzie ( 1913-1992 ), Washington D. C., USA. A geologist and  paleontologist who collected African and Pre-columbian  Art. Some of his objects where exhibited in the Washington Museum in 1972. Ex David Malik Gallery, London, UK Price: 2,200€ Buy It Now: Mask of the Bini or Ibibio people The Article below was found at Yahoo answers : What is a Bini mask The Bini people of Nigeria of the great Kingdom of Benin are located around Click Here to Continue Reading …