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Big Shamanic Mask


A big Shamanic mask that would have inspired Georg Baselitz

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Big Shamanic Himalayan Mask

Height= 34 cm . Large= 30 cm ( sold without stand )

Estimated age= mid XXth;                            Provenance: Private Belgian collection.


Soft wood, one real human teeth in the mouth. Remains of animal (horse?) hair under the mouth fixed with resin.

Representing a Buddhist monk’ who lost one teeth this Nepalese tribal mask is carved in a very “primitive” but strongly expressionist way. It was probably carved by shaman itself who lost his teeth in the Middle Hills region of Nepal and used the mask to perform healing and initiations.

The mask shows an animist presence among the shaman, and makes this mask very powerful.

The dry climate and the higher altitude of the Himalayan region helps preserve  the wooden objects like this, that can be older than expected.

This mask would inspire an artist like Georg Baselitz.


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