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Big Shamanic Mask


A big Shamanic mask with a human tooth.

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Big Shamanic Himalayan Mask

Height= 34 cm . Large= 30 cm ( sold without stand )

Estimated age= Early to mid-XXth.

Provenance: Private Belgian collection.

Soft wood, one real human teeth in the mouth. Remains of animal (horse?) hair under the mouth fixed with resin.

Representing a Buddhist monk’ who lost one teeth this Nepalese tribal mask is carved in a very “primitive” but strongly expressionist way.

It was probably carved by shaman itself who lost his teeth in the Middle Hills region of Nepal and used the mask to perform healing and initiations.

The mask shows an animist presence among the shaman, and makes this mask very powerful.

The dry climate and the higher altitude of the Himalayan region helps preserve  the wooden objects like this, I think the mask is early to mid-XXth those masks can be older than expected.

This mask would inspire an artist like Georg Baselitz.

Shamanic Middle Hills masks of Nepal are traditional masks used in the spiritual and healing practices of shamans in the Middle Hills region of Nepal. These masks are typically made of wood and are hand-carved with intricate designs and patterns.

This mask is adorned with a teeth,  often they use various materials such as feathers, animal hair, and bones to represent the spirits or deities that the shaman seeks to channel or communicate with during their rituals. The mask has natural  black charcoal pigments, what gives him a distinctive appearance.

The masks are typically worn during shamanic rituals and ceremonies, where the shaman will don the mask and enter a trance-like state in order to communicate with the spirits or deities. The shaman will often dance and chant while wearing the mask, using it as a conduit to connect with the spiritual realm.

The masks are considered to be powerful spiritual tools with the ability to invoke and channel the energy and power of the spirits or deities they represent. They are an important part of the shamanic traditions of the Middle Hills region of Nepal and are treasured cultural artifacts that reflect the rich spiritual history and practices of the region.


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