Two African Masks, Two African Figures

Meulendijk Dogon Figure

David Norden Buy African Antiques

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David Norden is happy to show you 2 masks and two figures he recently added to his extensive collection that can be viewed in Antwerp or discovered in his online shop

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A 1967 published and museum exhibited Dogon Figure

A Ntomo Dyo Mask

A Horned Dan mask

A Horned Dan mask

A Dogon figure wearing a Mask

A hermaphrodite Dogon figure from Alain Bovis collection

How to determine African Art Authenticity and age.

To determine the age and authenticity of African art sculptures there are many techniques that can be used but nothing will replace having seen tens of thousands objects during the past thirty years of buying and selling African art through auctions , visits of collections, museums, fairs, and studying African art through books and online research, and last but not… Read More »

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David Norden Buy African Antiques


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