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A 1967 published and museum exhibited Dogon Figure

A 84 cm Dogon hermaphrodite figure seated on top of four figures with raised hands.

Exhibited in a dutch museum in 1967 and published in an illustrated catalog.

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The published Meulendijk Dogon Figure was also exhibited in the ” Museum voor Land- en Volkenkunde” in Rotterdam, Nederland in december 1967.

It is published in Meulendijk’s book “Afrikaanse sculpturen” page 53 under the number 17/03 with the following description:

“Hermafrodietische figuur op zetel, welke gedragen wordt door vier vrouwenfiguren met omhooggeheven armen. Geelbruingepatineerd, zwaar, hard hout. Hoogte: 84 cm.”

It is also mentionned in the Van Rijn Archives under number ao-00822395.

Provenance: Peter Cornelis Meulendijk (1912-1979)  who bought most of his objects from  Loed Van Bussel, in Amsterdam in the 1960’s.

H= 84 cm L= 22cm.  This Dogon is published in the 1967 catalog.

See a related Dogon Hermaphrodite figure at the MET museum


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