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Paolo Morigi, and Ludwig Bretschneider in Bold company ..

Dear ,

Today I will show you some African art objects with an interesting provenance.

I found recently  this 28 cm high sweet little Dengese figure . The small Dengese tribe north of the Kuba kingdom, across the Sankuru River, produced some of the most refined art .

It has a honey patina and is coming from the Carlo Bold collection

and a Janus double head Fang helmet mask coming from Ludwig Bretschneider collection.

Both objects are on view in my shop in Antwerp, where you are welcome. But I also ship worldwide..

The shop in Antwerp is a real treasure trove filled with a hundred authentic items waiting for a new caring family to adopt them.


Still going on a continuation of my previous auction from a week ago, that somehow got some technical troubles and delays at , so a second chance for those interested

in acquiring the below beauties. Until next Tuesday at 7 p.m. you can pre-bid on the following items, before the auction goes live.

This early XXth Bassa mask below was from Paolo Morigi who sold it to my mother Nadya Levi in the 1970's.

A fine figurative Angolan pipe from the Ovimbundu tribe.


An attractive Pende “Mbangu” sickness mask.

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