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A Great Gere Wobe Mask from the We

An authentic and expressive We Gere Wobe mask from Liberia.

High= 25 cm

The mask is coming from an important Dutch private collection .

Well oxidized wood, fur, metal insert for the teeth, nails. Red purple and white pigments.

A hole above the nose allowed for viewing during the dance, and around the rim on the back to attach a costume.

A custom made stand in wood and metal is included in your package.


Estimate: €4000-€5000

Start price : € 500.

Limit price = € 2000

Buyer's Premium = 12 %

The We Gere Wobe Mask Auction ends on Sunday the 19th September 8 p.m.

Long known by other names (Gere, Wobe, Kran), the We live on the border of Liberia and Ivory Coast.

We means “Charitable Ones”, the patriarch revered for his wisdom and wealth, and who is responsible to settle disputes and oversee rituals.

The We tribe is mostly known for its mask culture.

Those We mask inspired the cubist artists in the West for their inventiveness.

But also inspired surrounding tribes like the Dan, Grebo, and Bete.

A book related to the subject was recently published by Alain-Michel Boyer at 5 Continents We-Visions of Africa- Isbn 88-7439-868-3

We mask

The Gere Wobe auction  ends on the 19th september 7:53 pm.

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