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Double Head Dayir Lobi figure – Burkina Faso


Coming from the Lobi tribe, this double head figure represents the Dayir ancestor couple.

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A quite big double Head Lobi figure.

H= 58 cm

CONDITION: wood, remains of gray offerings, some cracks on the side of the belly and between the breasts (see pictures), otherwise perfect condition.

One metal chain around the feet.

The Dayir represent the ‘ancestor’ couple of the Lobi clan in the matrilineal line.
The ‘Dayir sculptures’ are kept in shrines on the side of the village, those spirits are protecting it .

Provenance: Collected in the 70's by a private dutch collector Netherland.
Estimated age: mid-XXth

Lobi figures where kept in shrines aside the village to heal and protect the community.


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