where can i sell my african art

The question I receive most is:

where can i sell my african art

The problem is that that question that most people ask can't be answer if they do not know if what they have is old or not, if it is genuine or not, and if it is in high demand or not. Because answering those questions will also determine who is the best person to buy your art.

You probably have inherited some objects from your family, or you bought some objects during your holidays and want to know the value of your treasures. Some African art pieces have been selling at breakneck prices at auctions, and some african antique dealers and African Art galleries sell African Art for a lot of money.. But you don't know everything, because not all African art is created equal.. Probably those pieces have a long story, and might even have been published in books, or been exhibited in museums and thematic exhibitions with illustrations in the accompanying African Art Catalogue.

But chances are big that is  probably not the case of your objects. Not everyone can win the African Art lottery

So the first question you should ask yourself is what is the first known date of the african art in your possession. When was it collected and when has it left Africa.

The second question: Has my objects been published, or been in the collection of someone who is well known in the African art community. Then chances are bigger tht you might sell it to a high end dealer or a reputable auction house.

selling african art online

To sell your art online you will need good sharp pictures, and a good description. Let me allow to give you some tips since I  have been a professional photographer for many years, before becoming an African Art dealer. Best is to use a SLR camera instead of your smartphone, and when taking pictures to use a stative and a simple background ( a white, gray, or black tissue will do) that will not distract the attention of the viewer and look more professional. Take picture taken from the same height as the “head” of the figure, or at the height of the eyes of the African Art mask.

I personally sell most of my objects through my shop, or on Catawiki an online African art Auction platform among other things.I also participate from time to time at African art Fairs, but I haven't done a lot the last years since my online african art auctions did quite well.

A portrait from David Norden in PARIS. Photo Else Kirsten Ulla

we buy african art

To be honest I do not care so much about the provenance or the tribe, but I need genuine ancient objects that where not made for the decoration market. And I must find the objects attractive in a way or another.  They must speak to my imagination. I must say I am a bit spoiled the last times, we the expansion of the internet I discovered a lot of tools allowing me to find some good African art objects at very affordable prices.

You can always send me an email with some images and details about the provenance, and the price you want to get my opinion