WANTED: Nigeria wooden fan(s) and Ofo’s wanted.

Dear friends,

I hope everything is going well with you, and that you have been able to find some nice African Art with which to enhance your collections. The gods of collecting have been very good to me lately – the enormous rise in prices for good quality items has seen numerous six-figure sums, beyond the range of we humble collectors. However, one side effect of this has been the collapse in the mid-range market as dealers scramble for the big ticket items, plenty of genuine objects are appearing in obscure little online auctions and art fairs. So some very good objects with provenance can be found at really reasonable prices.

I was recently able to buy several objects with Sotheby’s provenances, and/or with famous collector pedigrees from the likes of Carlo Monzino, Franco Monti and Paolo Morigi. I could never have afforded (or even found) such items a few years ago. They are all proudly on display in my gallery in Antwerp – why not come along this summer to visit them? We would all be very happy to see you!

I have been acting as agent for collectors with specific interests, who are looking for items to expand their collections. This month's must-haves include Nigerian wooden fans and notable Ofos. Photos of similar items are shown below – if you have any such items, or know anybody who has, please get in touch. Equally, if you would like me to hunt things down for you, just let me know.
wooden fan nigeria-2wooden fan nigeria-1 Ofo2 Ofo3 Ofo1Ofo4 Ofo5
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Have a nice day!

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