The Summer of Love

Final Notice – Don't Miss Out the Summer of Love !

The Summer of Love

From Antwerp, it's the summer of Love ..

Dear $email,

The exclusive auction is ending TODAY ( around 8 p.m. Belgium time, images below).

“THANK YOU” for being a subscriber.

…And I wanted to make sure that you were able to read the email.

There is a lot to do in Antwerp this summer!

There is always something going on. Parties in the summer bar,
an open air cinema,a museum night,
a Royal Kuba African Art exhibition in my shop…several music
festivals (Jazz, World music, techno,…),
and new acquisitions in my shop…!

Plan your perfect Antwerp summer, and take some time to visit
me !

And don't forget to discover the MAS collections

I'm looking forward to showing you my new acquisitions, we can
exchange some views on our common passion,
and I even can give you free tips on how to avoid the pittfalls
involved in collecting African art that will allow you to avoid costly

My wine cellar, teapot and coffee machine are all awaiting your
arrival, to accompany advice and chat.

Just drop me a line, and whether or not you fall for one of the cuties
in my shop, the advice and the wine are free anyway!
But you sure don't have to come to Antwerp to buy something from me.

I have a new exclusive auction going on, with 15 attractive

I'm so certain you will love them that they come with free delivery, a
full guarantee, full written descriptions and most of them also have
custom made bases.

Some of them have no reserve price, and all start with very low bids!
Come take a look:

1. A Shiwara – BAMBARA – Mali
Early to Mid XXth – Perfect condition.
Provenance: A. Plaisance Brussels.
Size: H=39 cm ( 45cm with the custom made wood stand)
Reserve price: €750. See it here:

Hemba soo
17. Hemba So'o Monkey mask- D.R.C. Congo.
Early to Mid XXth century. Perfect condition.
Provenance: Dr. Peter Westerdijk
So'o mask from the Hemba tribe, also called Soko Mutu or Mwisi Gwa So'o
(meaning “spirit invested ” object of the human chimpanzee).
Reserve price € 900. See it here:



34. Rare fine female Kifwebe mask – D.R.C. Congo
Early to Mid XXth century – Perfect condition.
Provenance: Patrick Dierickx
Reserve price: 500€. See it here:



40.Tschokwe Chief's Staff – Angola- D.R.C. Congo.
Early 20th century – Reasonable Condition.
Provenance: Gaëtan Schoonbroodt.
Size: 52 cm
NO RESERVE. View Lot here:


Makonde stopper

41. An Ebony Makonde stopper- Mozambique
End XIXTh- Early XXth- Before 1933 – Good condition.
Provenance: Gaetan Schoonbroodt.
Reserve price € 500. View lot here:


Lega mask

45. LEGA mask – Zaire, D.R.C. Congo
Second half 20th century – Good condition.
Provenance: Gaëtan Schoonbroodt
H= 26 cm.
Reserve price € 400


Idoma nude

46. Male Nude Man-Terracotta fertility symbol- IDOMA– Nigeria
Early to Mid XXth – restored condition.
Provenance: Bob Germ.
Condition = Feet restored, see images.
Height= 23 cm. Sold with a wood stand.
Reserve price € 1


nail dog

47. Nail Nkisi Kozo dog protective power figure – VILI – Congo
Mid 20th century – Good condition
Provenance: Galerie Jean-Jacques Mandel, Bordeaux, France (a French
L=27 cm in length (22cm excl. nails) – 17 cm in height (13cm excl.
Reserve price € 400



49. SONGYE Nkisi figure -Democratic Republic of the Congo
Mid XXth-Good condition
Provenance Gaetan Schoondroodt.
Size: 24cm, 26 cm with horn.


Mwana Pwo mask

TCHOKWE – A fine Mwana Pwo female dance Mask, representing a beautiful young girl.
Congo Angola border.Mid 20th century.
A Tschokwe mask coming from the Witte Paters in Netherlands.
Bought in the 1970's by a private collector in the Netherlands (name
will be given to buyer).
Reserve price € 550. See it here:


3 Teke figures

Lot 52. 3 little Teke mbuti figures – D.R.C. Congo.
Size: H=14cm ,17cm, and 21,5 cm
Early to Mid XXth – Good condition.
Provenance Patrick Dierickx, Brusels (a notable dealer in the 1970's)


Dogon granary door

Lot 54. A very nice Dogon granary door, a symbol of femininity
Bandiagara Escarpment, Mali Size: H=80 cm . L= 22 cm
Late 19th to Early 20th century. Perfect condition.
Old wood oxidized , blue pigments, iron staple.
Provenance: Jan Kusters, Netherlands.
Reserve price € 700 . See it here:


2 Dogon figures

Lot 55.Two Ancestral Dogon figures from Mali
Height =29 cm & 32 cm. (35cm to include the nail on top)
These 2 figure are sold with a custom made metal stands
Old weathered patina, and with remains of offerings, a nail inserted on
Late 18th to early 19th centuries. Good condition.
PROVENANCE: Collection A. Plaisance, Brussels. She is well known for
here great taste, and wide knowledge of objects that are both important
and beautiful.
Reserve price € 850


Dogon Talisman

57.Mounted Dogon Bronze Head Talisman- Mali
Size: H=7 cm ( 12 cm with the custom made metal stand). L= 4.5cm
Perfect condition. Provenance: Bob Germ collection, Hoboken.
Grey Green Oxidized Patination.
Age: 18th century or earlier.
Reserve price € 200


Songye Ornate

57. Big Songye Ornate Power Figure with a great expression – Zaire, D.R.C. Congo
Size: H=60 cm 23,6 inch
Early 20th century – Good condition. Provenance: Peter Westerdijk
Reserve price € 3500
See it here:

I hope you enjoyed my selection. If you are in the
neighborhood, drop by and see them in the flesh! Alternately send me an email if you have any questions or require more photos.

TIP: To follow a lot on Catawiki you can place a low bid, or
just click the heart symbol to follow it and then place your bids towards the end of the sale. Then all the lots you liked will be conveniently listed here:

Watch out this July for ROYAL KUBA TREASURES auction, including some
superb lots with great provenance that I have been collecting for ages.
If you are interested, email me your HOME address and I will send you a
personal invitation with a secret link to see these superb pieces…!


Have a great holiday!

African art

David “Summertime” Norden.

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