The Private Collections Hunt Newsletter

The Private Collections Hunt Newsletter

Dear friends,

This month we have news of an interesting auction, the hunt for a Djenne head, a video of a very special Kwele mask, and much else besides!



Coming onto the market: a private Belgian collection.

This month I bring you news of a notable Belgian collector, who has been collecting for over 50 years both in Belgium and further afield. Most of his pieces come from small colonial collectors, and some even come from the renowned Lepage collection. He has supplied numerous dealers and museums – a full listing of the 70+ pieces thus provided is available on the Guy van Rijn Yale database.

He has decided to request my assistance to help him sell part of his collection through Catawiki. This is a unique occasion for you to get a well-provenanced, genuine object at a very low starting price.

A photographer has been conscripted to take accurate, clear photos of the pieces from all angles, highlighting textural variability, cracks and restorations (where applicable). This way you can be sure that what you see is precisely what you get.

The name of the collector will be given to all buyers in the
accompanying documentation included in every package.

The following lots have been put up for this auction ( + reserve price) :

2 Tschokwe figures– Lot 1:  Kakuungu Mask – YAKA – D.R. Congo € 1300
– Lot 2:  2 beaded Yaka hats – YAKA – D.R. Congo  €650
– Lot 3:  A fine stool – MONGO – D.R. Congo
Lot 4:  Oshe Shango with Double face – YORUBA -Nigeria € 150
– Lot 5:  Cup – KUBA – D.R. Congo € 250
– Lot 6:  Oozing neckrest- Sidama- Ethiopia € 150
– Lot 7:  A small stool – TSCHOKWE – D.R. Congo € 350
– Lot 8:  Cariatide stool with 5 complete figures – KUBA – D.R. Congo  €750
– Lot 9:  A little figure – TEKE TEGE – D.R. Congo  €250
– Lot 10:  Little Pwo mask -TCHOKWE – D.R. Congo € 600
– Lot 11:  Seldom Black Kasai Mask- MBAGANI – D.R. Congo € 550
– Lot 12:  Red Ilunga Mask- TSCHOKWE – D.R. Congo/border Angola € 700
– Lot 13:  Upper Coiffe from Kakuungu Mask – YAKA – D.R. Congo € 180
– Lot 14:  King Figure – KUBA – D.R. Congo € 350
– Lot 15:  Mbuya Mask with 4 horns – PENDE – D.R. Congo € 950
– Lot 16:  Mukyeem mask – KUBA – D.R. Congo NO PRICE LIMIT
– Lot 17:  Feminine figure 56 cm- ORIENTAL PENDE – D.R. Congo € 700
– Lot 18:  Uncommon weapon – TETELA – D.R. Congo € 350
– Lot 19:  Figure-Le Bossu- Eni Orisa – YORUBA – Nigeria € 600
– Lot 20:  Figurative Water Jar Voania – BACONGO WOYO – D.R. Congo €1100
– Lot 21:  Chalice – KUBA – D.R. Congo € 250
– Lot 22:  Figure – BENA LULUA – D.R. Congo – Kasai  € 900
– Lot 23: Kalelwa mask fiber and resin Tschokwe mask- Congo € 450
– Lot 24:  Bulup Drum – KUBA – D.R Congo  € 1300

– Lot 25:  Couple of 2 big figures – TSCHOKWE – D.R. Congo 
€ 1800

Don't forget – the exclusive catawiki african art private collection auction starts today. You can see my selection of objects here:

As always, I offer free delivery, a full description and a full guarantee on all objects. The Catawiki page is easy to navigate – just register for the site, and then the sale, choose your preferred language (top of the page) and bid; auction costs are only 9%. To see the current prices of these objects, click on the above blue links and you will be passed automatically to the Catawiki site.

Dimitri AndréI wish to thank the African art auctioneer at Catawiki for his excellent partnership; his name is Dimitri ANDRE, who hails from Brussels and is the new tribal art auctioneer at Catawiki since 6 months. I have entrusted my recent contributions to his meticulous care, and he answered all my questions fast when I needed him .

Together with Dimitri who is himself Africanist Historian, we decided to organize the first Catawiki auction of a Private Collection of Tribal Art.

Happy Bidding,




Dear David,

Djenne coverThis small terra cotta head (13.5 cm) below was published and exhibited in Antwerp in 1984.

Claerhout (Adriaan G.), “Ancient terra-cotta statuary and pottery from Djenne”, Antwerp, 1984:#37

There is a new publication in preparation, and we would like to include this head. We would like to have better and more photos, but we do know its' whereabouts. Maybe one of your members knows, or better, owns the piece?

We hope you can be of assistance,

Thank you in advance,

Guy van Rijn – vanrijnguy@gmail.com


 Djenne head

————–FOR SALE ——————-

I have a nice big XIXth century Songye figure for sale ( H=70 cm with
the horn ), with all its original magical charges and addenda intact.
It originates from a well known collection, Brussels. Images and details are available upon request. ( just hit the reply button 🙂 )


Interview with an African Art Collector

ZHANG is this month's collector, who will be talking about his KWELE ANTELOPE MASK reportedly collected in French Congo (present day Republic of Congo) by Alexandre Petit-Renaud between 1901 and 1930.

It was subsequently owned by:

– Philippe and Laurant Dodier, Avranches
– Michael Oliver, New York
– Private American Collection, acquired from the above



The French Photographer Xavier Richer ( Ibeji : Divins jumeaux http://amzn.to/2loZ76K (amazon.fr)  OR http://amzn.to/2m14W7p (Amazon US ) is working on a project about the SHANGO cult in association with the Quai Branly Museum, Paris. So far he has managed to acquire more than 50 pieces, and is looking for around 30 more. He has asked me to help track down collectors who have well-known Shango wands, who would either like to sell them, and/or see them included in a forthcoming volume which is being written by Hélène Joubert (QB
Museum). Fabulous quality with provenance and size are requested, and –
if for sale – please note the price you want .

If you are interested, please let me know and I will pass your details onto Xavier .


Have a nice day,

David “Private Collections” Norden
+32 3 227.35.40

P.S. :If you have an African Art collection with objects dating to before 1940 and you wish to sell, or if you are building a collection and have funding in place, let's talk about how I can help you grow or reduce your collection.

We look forward to seeing you on-line or in-store soon! Please share with your friends that are also collecting…


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