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David Norden Advises Fine African Art Collections since 1992 & online since 1998.

Free Delivery Worldwide & 6 months exchange Guarantee !


Call +32 3 227.35.40Terms and conditions

All our sales include free delivery worldwide and four week
buy it back from you if you’re not happy guarantee, and six month exchange guarantee

100 % Risk Free ! I am so certain you will live the that if for any reason at all you aren't thrilled with your purchase I will cheerfully buy it back – even if it's because your dog barks at it !

BUY IT BACK GUARANTEE. You can ask us to buy it back for the full  amount no matter what the reason
for 30 days once delivered in your home or  exchange it for another product on BuyAfricanAntiques.com for six months.

Even if you don't like a crack in the wood, or the package I wrapped it in, or even if you don't like my hair cut- you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

I'm willing to make such a crazy offer because I'm positive you'll enjoy my as much as I did and your friends even more! Also I'll happily answer any five questions you
have about your collection during the first three months after your purchase.

The risk is entirely on me. Fair enough ?

GUARANTEE: This  is for objects from David Norden's collection on sale at BuyAfricanAntiques.com and will be send to you with a complete description.

If after 10 minutes in your home it doesn't find a perfect place and unless you are absolutely trilled with it, I urge you to return it right away.  I will buy it back from you up to  four weeks after it reached your home. Better still you can keep it for 6 month and exchange it for another piece of our collection in case you changed your mind.

WE ACCEPT PHONE ORDERS. To Order, reserve or get detailed explanation leave a message at David Norden                phone+32 3 227.35.40 with your question and call back phone number and/or email and we will call you back or mail
to request availability

We need your credit card information to process your order. We accept VISA and Mastercard, and American Express, or you can wire the money on our bank account (instructions on request), or pay with Paypal to david.norden@telenet.be 

We also need your shipment information, we will ship you the packaged safely in bubbles and as fast as possible . It usually takes 2-10 working days to prepare the package, make the documents, and your provenance documents and send you the package  & description report .

You will  get free worldwide delivery. And we wrap our masks and objects carefully with bubbles.

Most clients testimonials are acknowledging, what they received is exactly what they ordered.

You are welcome to visit us when in Belgium, Sint Katelijnevest 27.B2000 Antwerpen. Belgium. We are open  nearly every day (and very often also open on Sunday) unless participating to a Fair or on a buying trip . Preferably after a phone call +32 (0)3 227.35.40 .

If you buy today you can get a free one hour phone mentoring consultation, just ask for it at +32 3 227.35.40