African Art

Strange people visiting my shop today.

Dear $email,

Only a few hours left to place your bids, the exclusive catawiki auction ends tonight ( click here ). ( or click the thumbnails of the objects you like below this post)

The Strange visitor in my Shop asked to wear a mask and asked me take a picture of him.

The mask he wears is a Mbembe janus mask.


David “Mbembe” Norden


Punu reliquary guardian - Gabon
Fine Ituri mask- NDAKA tribe-Democratic Republic of the Congo
A Passport bushcow mask; Bwa-Bobo people, Upper Volta/Burkina Faso.
A protective statue with four heads of the SONGYE tribe in Congo.
Akan Colon figure top of a Linguist Staff. Ivory Coast
Triple head neckrest- YAKA - Democratic Republic of Congo - Bandundu > Kwango
A fine Pair of Ere Ibedji's-Yoruba-NIGERIA-Egbe, Yagba
A Fine Zela Mboko Divination Figure with Bowl - LUBA ZELA- DRC Congo
A fine Lobi with raised arm and lip plug - LOBI tribe - Burkina Faso
Female Ci Wara Antelope Headdress - BAMANA tribe - Mali,
KIFWEBE mask - Democratic Republic Congo- from the Nicolas De Kun collection
Seldom black Eastern PENDE mask with two figures - Democratic Republic Congo
Seldom African wooden naturalist Ekpo mask - IBIBIO - Nigeria
A fine HEMBA KUSU male figure - Democratic Republic of the Congo
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