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Rembrandt Bugatti leopard bronze

A Rembrandt Bugatti Leopard bronze with brown tinted patina, signed on the plate. Large = 47cm

Elevate your art collection with this exquisite Rembrandt Bugatti Leopard bronze sculpture, a masterpiece of animal sculpture and Art Deco design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bronze sculpture captures the grace, power, and elegance of a leopard in its natural habitat.


Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916), Small Walking Leopard

Provenance; I got this bronze from a private collection in Amsterdam who acquired it in the 1970's. The bronze is signed, but not numbered, so probably a bronze casting  made after he died in 1916.

About the artist: Early life at the ned of the XIXth century, early XXth. Born in Milan into an artistic family, Rembrandt Bugatti was the second son of Carlo Bugatti and his wife, Teresa Lorioli. His older brother Ettore Bugatti became a famous automobile manufacturer. He was given his first name by his uncle, painter Giovanni Segantini.

Rembrandt Bugatti was an Italian sculptor, today recognized as one of the best animalia sculptors of exotic animals.

By 1904, at the age of nineteen, the younger Bugatti had shown his work in several exhibitions in Italy – in Milan, Turin and at the Venice Biennale.

This work was probably created around 1911.

But Bugatti suffered depression and financial difficulties, he committed suicide in 1916 at age 31. His desperate sadness was likely brought on by the forced execution during World War I of many of the animals resident at the Antwerp Zoo, where his studio was located.


  1. Bronze Construction: This sculpture is cast in high-quality bronze, ensuring durability and a timeless aesthetic.
  2. Brown Tinted Patina: The brown-tinted patina adds warmth and depth to the sculpture, enhancing the details and creating a sense of texture.
  3. Signature : Bugatti's signature is prominently featured on the bronze base, providing authenticity and a personal touch to this work of art.
  4. Art Deco Influence: Rembrandt Bugatti was a prominent sculptor of the Art Deco era, and this piece reflects the style's emphasis on symmetry and modernity.
  5. Collector's Item: Bugatti's works are highly sought after by art collectors and enthusiasts. Owning a Bugatti sculpture is a statement of refined taste and appreciation for fine art.


  • Material: Bronze
  • Dimensions: h=18cm x l=47cm x d=07 cm.
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Signature: Rembrandt Bugatti's signature on the sculpture's base.

Ideal Placement: This Rembrandt Bugatti Leopard bronze sculpture is perfect for art collectors, interior designers, and individuals looking to add a touch of sophistication and nature-inspired elegance to their living spaces. Place it on a mantel, pedestal, or in a prominent spot in your home or office to showcase its beauty.

Note: As each bronze sculpture is individually crafted and hand-finished, there may be slight variations in patina, making each piece unique. This sculpture will surely be a centerpiece in any art collection.

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