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Mwaash aMbooy mask


An early XXth century Mwaash aMbooy mask from the Kuba tribe.

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This royal Kuba mask is made from Leopard skin ( this mask has lost it's hairs on this mask due to it's great age) . The skin is covered with glass beads and cowrie shells, The upper part of a red dyed textile that discolored due to UV's.
There are more than twenty different types of masks that function within the men's initiation society.
Mwaash aMbooy mu shall is one of the three most important and represents Woot, the founding hero from whom the Kuba believe themselves to be descended.
Mwaash aMbooy mu shall masks are worn by the nyimi, or king of the Kuba, or by chiefs in villages. The nyimi's mask is usually made of leopard skin, while those of chiefs are made of antelope skin.
The Kuba masking traditions has centered on three masking traditions described as royal: Mwaash aMbooy mu shall, Bwoom and Ngady mwaash. These are interpreted as representing the king, the commoner and the wife of Mwaash aMbooy, respectively.
This is your chance to own a classical and authentic mask from one of the main tribes of Congo, and from the early XXth century. It is sold with a custom made metal stand.

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