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Lwena mask


A fine Lwena mask.

This traditional African mask is originating from the Lwena people, who live at the border of Angola and Zambia. The masks are typically made of wood and are used in a variety of rituals and ceremonies.

The mask has a symbolic meaning, representing fertility and motherhood, or other important aspects of Lwena culture.

It likely is a prized possession, passed down through generations of art enthusiast collectors.

The Lwena mask is not painted and intricately carved. The wood used for the mask has a natural, polished finish, slightly stained.

The mask has a strong, bold shape with clean lines and minimal detailing.

Overall, this non-painted Lwena mask is a beautiful and meaningful work of art, showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of the Lwena people.

The estimated age is between the two world wars.

Condition: There is a little crack in the wood under the chin.

Provenance: A Lwena mask coming from Gaëtan Schoonbroodt, a Belgian collector.

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