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Kuyu Head


A fine and colorful Kuyu Crest Head.

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A fine and colorful Kuyu Crest Head with two lezards on top.

The Kuyu are an ethnic group that live in Gabon, as well as in neighboring countries like Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo. They are known for their traditional religious practices, which involve ancestor worship and the use of carved figures and masks in rituals.

In Kuyu culture, lizards are often associated with the spirit world and are believed to have mystical and protective powers. They are sometimes depicted in Kuyu art and sculptures, particularly in works related to spiritual or religious practices.

The two lizards on the head of the Kuyu sculpture could represent spiritual guardians or protective spirits, as lizards are frequently associated with protective powers in many African cultures. Alternatively, they could represent specific ancestors or spirits that are important to the Kuyu people, but , it's hard to say.

Dimensions: H=34 cm L= 13 cm

Materials: Wood, White, red and Reckitt's blue pigments.

Estimated age: 1940's or earlier.


– Mason Huynh ( California-USA)

– Woolley & Wallis | Salisbury | UK collection

Bibl.: Kuyu 2021 de Anne-Marie Bénézech

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