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Ibrahim Ballo, Meditation Painting


Acrylic on canvas + cotton thread. L= 88cm X H= 115 cm

This Meditation painting is a stunning example of the work of Ibrahim Ballo, a young Malian painter who has won awards and exhibited in some French galleries. He is also gaining recognition in the public sales of contemporary African art. He is a unique artist who combines painting and weaving in a distinctive way. The purple background is not smooth, but textured with his signature technique.

Ibrahim Ballo. L' homme en Meditation. African Painting .

Size: L= 88cm X H= 115 cm. Sold with a certificate from the artist. Signed under the foot.

The work is on view in David Norden's gallery in Antwerp.

Ibrahim Ballo uses acrylic paint and cotton threads to create his paintings. He draws inspiration from the traditional Malian fabrics that have ideograms on them. He ties the cotton threads to the canvas, creating a relief effect. He pays homage to the traditional weavers, who were a symbol of unity and solidarity in his community. He also contrasts the simplicity and beauty of this ancestral craft with the digitalization and violence of the modern world.

His series of paintings, called “Meditation”, reflects his vision of the society he lives in. His characters are in a state of introspection, seeking inner peace and isolation from the external chaos. They are unable to communicate emotionally with others, and they express their feelings through their body language and colors.

Ibrahim Ballo is a talented and original artist, who has been praised by critics and curators. He participated in the 6th International Meeting of Contemporary Art of Brazzaville, where he presented a work that questioned the human behavior towards the rules they set. He is an artist who puts his creativity and altruism above his selfishness, and who offers us a glimpse of his culture and his soul.



2019 AKAA (Also Known as Africa) Paris

The Méditation series started in 2018 – Villa Soudan, Bamako / Foire de l'art contemporain de l'Afrique AKAA (Also Known as Africa) / Exposition à l'Institut français du Mali, initiée par le collectif Équations Nomades / Les OFF de Dak (art – Exposition collective –/ Résidence à Brazzaville lors de la 6e édition de la RIAC des Ateliers Sahm /)

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