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Duck Duck Anago figure

A Yoruba Anago figure with two duck heads

H= 34 cm

At the border between Benin and Yoruba live the Anago.

This male divination figure is made from wood, two duck heads, cotton rope, cowrie and a metal charge on top. The  human face is sensitively carved with delicate features, including compressed lips, a fine nose, large almond-shaped eyes with circular pierced pupils, and a gently sloping forehead framed by triangular ears. The facial shows three diamond shaped tattoos on each side and the features exemplify a serene, and calm expression.

In view of the spiritual power attributed to Yoruba

Provenance: From an American collection, I got it at Skinner in Boston a few years ago.

Related : A duck head was used by the Fon as a vodun object, and part of the Benin collection ‘vodun' african voodoo objects from Anne and Jacques Kerchache and on view in Paris ‘ at the Fondation Cartier in 2011.


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