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David Norden – Traditional African Art

About Me

Welcome African Art lovers! I am dealing in African Art for more than 30 years and passionate about discovering and promoting traditional African art.


Teke figure
Teke figure Claude Lehuard 1930s height 24cm

“J'ai bien reçu ma Teke. Très heureux ! Belle pièce que tu m'as offerte avec, Ashanti ? Terre cuite ? Superbes pièces !!! Je te remercie David. …on ne dirait pas mais je suis fou de joie 😊😄

– Gaël




“I've had the privilege of working with David Norden on several occasions. His dedication to preserving and sharing African art is truly commendable. Very happy with the crocodile and the small Songye figure I bought from you.  ”

– Billy Gibbons from ZZ top

Clients & Museums

Over the years, I've had the honor of working with various clients and museums like Yale Museum of Art, the Fowler museum, the Medecine museum from the Erasmus hospital, etc.. who appreciate the beauty and significance of traditional African art. If you're interested in learning more or acquiring pieces, feel free to contact me to let me help you find your dream pieces !

Contact Information







David Norden. Sint Katelijnevest 27. B-2000 Antwerpen . Belgium

Phone: +32.(0)3 227.35.40

The shop is open a lot since I live above my shop, but to be 100% sure to meet me, it is recommanded to give me a phone call in advance.

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