African Art News September 2016

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Dear $email,

I found this interesting video on Arte about the market in African masks “Le marché des masques africains” :

masques africains© Peter Heller-Filmkraft.

Photo © Peter Heller/Filmkraft
(in french) 

Are you still looking to acquire new objects to expand your Art collection?

After 9 months of absence  on Catawiki I am back "in action" with an exclusive
auction, and some exquisite items .There is a new African art auctioneer at Catawiki; his name is Dimitri André. I have entrusted my recent contributions to his meticulous care.

See below for my latest offerings. This auction starts today to end on sunday
evening 25 september 2016. 

As always, I also provide a full statement of provenance along with a detailed description of the piece
and a full guarantee on all objects.
The Catawiki page is easy to navigate – just register for the site, and then the sale, choose your preferred language (top of the page) and bid; auction costs are only
9%, and on most lots I offer free delivery.
To see the current prices of these objects, click on the pictures and you will be passed automatically to the Catawiki site. 

I know you’re going to love these great objects. As usual, with full provenances where known. 
These lots include a XIXth century Hemba-Kusu from the Kahan colllection, and a fine
Lobi . 

Hit the reply button if you have any question or want to know my limit prices. 

Wishing you a happy bidding !

David “from Antwerp” Norden +

Punu reliquary guardian - Gabon


Fine Ituri mask- NDAKA tribe-Democratic Republic of the Congo


A Passport bushcow mask; Bwa-Bobo people, Upper Volta/Burkina Faso.


A protective statue with four heads of the SONGYE tribe in Congo.


Akan Colon figure  top of a Linguist Staff. Ivory Coast


Triple head neckrest- YAKA - Democratic Republic of Congo - Bandundu > Kwango


A fine Pair of Ere Ibedji's-Yoruba-NIGERIA-Egbe, Yagba


A Fine Zela Mboko Divination Figure with Bowl - LUBA ZELA- DRC Congo


A fine Lobi with raised arm and lip plug - LOBI tribe - Burkina Faso


Female Ci Wara Antelope Headdress - BAMANA tribe - Mali,


KIFWEBE mask - Democratic Republic Congo- from the Nicolas De Kun collection


Seldom black Eastern PENDE mask with two figures - Democratic Republic Congo


Seldom African wooden naturalist Ekpo mask - IBIBIO - Nigeria


A fine HEMBA KUSU male figure - Democratic Republic of the Congo