African Art Buyers

Well I guess I can name myself an African Art Buyer, since I am dealing on a professional base since 1993.

As I explained in my post “Where Can I Sell my African Art” https://buyafricanantiques.com/where-can-i-sell-my-african-art/

you first have to determine the authenticity of your objects before being able to give the a correct value.

You can't expect that a reproduction of Benin bronze fetch the same price as the XVIIth century one exhibited in the British Museum.

But you wanted to know who are the African Art Buyers ?

In the first place you have dealers, than come auction houses with an African Art department ( like Christies, Sotheby's, or Bonham's )

Then you have museums, but those prefere to receive gifts, but can also be interesting if you need tax deductions.

And then there are the collectors, but those are often more difficult to find,

unless you can track down those Facebook African Art  groups and pages where they discuss their mutual passion.



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I got some edo bronze antique in different sizes for sell.


I got some edo bronze antique in different sizes for sell. Am a Nigerian I deal on African artefacts you can contact me on my mobile number +23457015286 if you want us to do business.

zakia Mohamadi

Dear Sir /Madam,

Please, we are consultant we act on the behalves of African artist that can supply any model of arts craft . please get in touch for photographe of their work.


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