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African Art

African Art Collectors are passionate.

The Treasure Hunt Starts in Antwerp

Welcome to the African Art World of David Norden, a dealer with more than 25 years experience in buying and selling African Art who can help you build and grow your collection. I am always interested in Buying original images, sculptures and masks coming from old collections, and can advise you in doing the same.

The Treasure Hunt Starts in Antwerp

When you collected African Art you will meet fellow collectors and discover that most of them are quite passionate but also a bit worried about having objects in their collection that where made for decoration. But on the other hand they often buy objects in Africa or on flea markets for 20 € and on online auction website that are not properly curated, or pay a thousand euro from a runner they don't know well and are amazed  when after a few years they try to sell their collection, that nobody is interested in it.

Wouldn't it be better to buy less objects but from higher quality, and that you'll know exactly what you are buying ?

African Art dealers with good reputation and years of experience can be your best “partners in crime”, they deliver selected African Art objects with a complete written description, and don't make it difficult to buy it back or exchange it for something better in case you want to UPGRADE your collection .

On our site you will soon be able to buy from our inventory, or participate in our timed online auctions FIRST Auction will start on March 18, 2016 and end March 27, 2016 8:00 pm

Auction ends: March  2016 12:00 pm


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