4 Shamanic masks

  A Big Shamanic Mask  that could have inspired Georg Baselitz       Mask from Nepal, From the  Helmut Zake collection     Tamang Himalaya Mask        27 cm     A Nepalese mask Coming from Théaru in Nepal       If you have any questions please hit the reply button, Or give us a phone call. If… Read More »4 Shamanic masks

3 Bassa masks

Dear Collectors, The Bassa mask from Liberia is the senior entertainment mask of the men’s No association. When danced it emphasizes desirable traits for women to emulate. Although smaller than life size, the wood mask was attached to an open basket like construction that was concealed as part of a larger costume that fully covered the dancer’s face. Bassa wood… Read More »3 Bassa masks

Luba Binji stool

How to determine African Art Authenticity and age.

To determine the age and authenticity of African art sculptures there are many techniques that can be used but nothing will replace having seen tens of thousands objects during the past thirty years of buying and selling African art through auctions , visits of collections, museums, fairs, and studying African art through books and online research, and last but not… Read More »How to determine African Art Authenticity and age.