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Buy a Yombe mask

If you are interested in buying a fine an authentic Yombe mask, vist the African art shop. Masque Yombe Nganga mask Provenance Michel Koenig… Enjoy my last acquisition Price is on request.

Sunday Shopping in Antwerp

Let yourself be surprised and enticed by Antwerp’s extensive shopping offerings. Ranging from major fashion houses to trendy boutiques, and from small and independent shops like David Norden’s African Art shop to groundbreaking concept stores. Every first Sunday of the month, a large selection of shops are open in the center of Antwerp. Come shop and combine it with a… Read More »Sunday Shopping in Antwerp

Conversations With Ogotemmeli

The various types of Dogon masks

The various types of Dogon masks The Dogon people are an ethnic group in Mali, West Africa, known for their unique art, including their masks. The Dogon masks are believed to have spiritual significance and are used in various traditional ceremonies and rituals. There are several types of Dogon masks, each with its own meaning and purpose. More than eighty… Read More »The various types of Dogon masks

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African Art Shop

African Art News

Dear African Art collector, Did you know David Norden started his online magazine about the Arts of Africa and his first website about African art already in 1998 and is dealing in genuine African Art for more than 30 year now. 9000 collectors are reading actually his newsletter. He sold to museums, dealers, and collectors worldwide. His shop is in… Read More »African Art News