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Happy Fishing in the New Year 2024

Happy African Art Fishing in the New Year 2024

by David Norden ( with a little help of Chat GPt-4)

The sun sets on the old year, painting the sky with gold
The fishers cast their nets, hoping for a bountiful haul
They sing and dance on the shore, celebrating their culture and lore
They thank the Bemba gods for their blessings, and pray for peace and more

The moon rises on the new year, shining with silver light
The fishers bring their catch, sharing it with delight
They feast and toast on the sand, enjoying their African art and hand
They wish each other happiness, and hope for a prosperous land

On the image:
– A fish painting from Bela 1953. 68cm X 48cm.
– A early XXth Bemba-Tabwa figure from Congo.H=19cm.
– A Fossil Muricidae-Murex. L=8cm.
– A Coucourzelle zucchini.L=26cm.
– A iron Guinea Fowl from the Lobi tribe.H=35cm

David Norden
Sint Katelijnevest 27
B2000 Antwerpen
Tel.: +32 3 227.35.40.

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