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Recent African art acquisitions – Preparing collection for auction.

Sometimes you just need to start… I have photographed a selection of objects for my next online auction my next sale of African arts, some of them have prestigious provenance ~ Enjoy the preview~ Some objects are from my own collection, but I was also mandated by someone who stopped dealing to sell part of the collection. This is a short description of some of the items to come, click on the images to enlarge :


1. Ashanti Akuaba doll, Ghana H= 37 cm L=16 cm D= 5.5 cm

2. Important Yoruba Horse rider, Nigeria. H= 52 cm L=20 cm D=23 cm

3. Biwat Middle Sepik drum fragment. H= 74 cmL= 18 cm D= 19 cm

4. End Xixth Ashanti Akuaba doll. H= 24 cm L= 9 cm D = 3 cm



5. Ashanti Akuaba doll. H= 18.5 cm L= 6 cm D = 1.5 cm


6 A Madjapait head, Java 15th century

7. A Chokwe mask 22 cm X 17 cm X 7 cm

8. A Lega ivory, Congo DRC.  14,5 cm X 4 cm X 4 cm

9. An unusual Fali doll. Cameroon.  15cm X 10 cl X  14 cm

10 A Sepik bird hook.  H= 50 cm L= 53 cm X D= 8 cm










And from a known Brussels dealer who closed the shop, discover a selection of fine masks and objects:



to be continued … ( keep an eye on this page )

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