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African Art Private Auction

Catawiki auction African art from David Norden

Dear all,

In a hurry? See all lots :

I recently rediscovered a trove of objects I put into storage years ago then forgot all about. As it has also been an eternity since I did a Catawiki auction, I thought this would be a perfect occasion to offer them to you all in a flash auction, perfect for an end-of-year gift to someone you love…even if that someone is yourself!

Happy Bidding ,

David Norden

Please discover my new 43 objects in auction, click the images below for a complete description and more images of the lots you like  :

The auction ends Wednesday 21 December 2022 18:00 (Belgium time)

Curated by Dimitri André, Expert in African Art

Yaka Fetish – Feathers, Leather, Metal, Wood, Rope – Nkishi – Congo DRC

Fetish - Feathers, Leather, Metal, Wood, Rope - Nkishi - Yaka - Congo DRC

Dogon Animal Dog – Wood -Mali  (on Catawiki It’s described as Lega-it’s Not it is a DOGON animal )

Animal Dog - Wood - Lega - Congo DRC

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