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3 Bassa masks

Dear Collectors,

The Bassa mask from Liberia is the senior entertainment mask of the men's No association. When danced it emphasizes desirable traits for women to emulate.

Although smaller than life size, the wood mask was attached to an open basket like construction that was concealed as part of a larger costume that fully covered the dancer's face.

Bassa wood mask in a concave oval shape with pointed chin, while those from their Dan neighbors are convex.

Incised row hairstyle . Two  bone teeth are visible in the protruding mouth from the Bassa mask on the right.

The two big mask are coming from the estate collection of my mother Nadya Levi a sculptor and collector of African Art in Antwerp who recently passed away at age 92.

She got them from Paolo Morigi who collected them in situ during the Biafra wars.  The small miniature passport mask is coming from collection S. an old colonial Belgian family.

You can place your bids until Sunday evening the 19th September 2021.

An uncommon Bassa mask        A miniature Bassa passport mask         A Classical Bassa Mask

To the auction :

Happy Bidding,

David Norden


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